National 4 and 5 History Resources

Bruce after 1307 - Mistake with King of England

How to answer exam question booklet

Scottish Topic : Scottish Wars of Independence


Good short video clips from BBC class clips Click to watch for Wars of Independence

Mrs Templeton's Revision Sheets :)

Fill in the blanks revision sheets

British Topic : Atlantic Slave Trade

Miss McKay's slave trade notes

Class Activities
Impact on Africa Task
Chain task

Middle Passage Research
Middle passage task

Short revision clips from BBC class clips

Keypoint revision notes
The Abolitionists
The Importance of the Slave trade

European Topic : Free at Last?

For Daniel
BBC class clips, video clips to help your revision - short, sweet and to the point Take me to the Free at Last videos
NEW -Bullet point revision
Keypoint Revision

Flipcards for Unit 1, 2 and 3
Mindmap USA shut door